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Like many, I've been interested in flying since childhood, but in the past year I've REALLY begun to geek out on aviation. Learning to fly has become a mild obsession for me, but a relative lack of time and money have kept me on the ground.

Finally though, after reading everything I could find about the mechanics and procedures of piloting an airplane, I took the plunge and scheduled an intro flight with Pacific Skies Aviation. I chose PSA because of the location at Zamperini Field, an excellent GA facility situated at the base of the Palos Verdes peninsula and just 5 minutes from the local practice area. It's a modern, towered airport close to the complex LAX airspace, but not so busy to be intimidating for first-timers like me, or to cause delays in getting departure clearance. You can expect to go from parking your car to being airborne within a few minutes, which makes a big difference when you're trying to squeeze lessons into a busy schedule.

I was lucky enough to work with Reza during my intro flight, who is super friendly, knowledgeable and goes the extra mile to make sure your flying experience is a memorable one. I recommend asking for him by name. Even though I'd done a ton of research before my first flight, I wasn't totally sure what to expect and he made sure I was comfortable from the outset. He'll tailor the flight to your level of knowledge and and confidence. I couldn't believe he let me have the controls the entire time, INCLUDING landing. He even let me make a few radio calls to air traffic control when approaching the intense LAX airspace. Amazing!

We went from the beautiful PV coastline to the Long Beach Harbor, north over LAX and Santa Monica, then east along the Hollywood hills and a couple laps around downtown before heading back to Torrance. The sightseeing alone was nothing short of incredible.

If you've thought about getting a pilot's license or would enjoy a spectacular aerial view of Los Angeles while experiencing the zen-like pleasure of flight hands-on, then I highly recommend you give PSA a call.